Campaigners is LIVE!!

In case you didn’t notice, Campaigners issue 1 is now available for purchase in the digital store! This book has been a long time coming, a lot of work has gone into it, and I’m exceedingly proud of the result. I hope you’ll all check it out and keep posted for more updates, b/c issue 2 is already in progress!

Issue 1 Cover by MJ Barros, logo/layout by Sean Rinehart

Digital Store is up!

The digital store is now live, you can find it on the sidebar to the right —->

(See, it’s right there!)

You can get pdfs of all our titles, including Anonymous Nancy and Tales of the Damned. Campaigners ┬áisn’t ready yet, but keep your eyes on us!

Speaking of, Campaigners is very close to being ready to release! Hopefully some time next week! So keep your eyes open for an announcement!