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Head on over to the digital store to pick up your free preview of issue three now. This is easily the most intense issue yet, be prepared for things to get crazy!

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Campaigners Review Roundup

Hey everyone! The reviews are in, and we’re a hit!

Okay, well we’ve only got a few reviews, but they all seem to be enjoying the book. Take a look:

“If you have ever found yourself frustrated with the state of current day politics then this is a comic that may speak to you.” Gregory Brothers, Rogues Portal

Campaigners has the sort of outlandish premise you’d find in a cult SciFi movie and I like it.” Ian Carter, Nerd Span

Campaigners provides readers with critique of America’s shortcomings. It does this while entertaining and reminding readers that change is possible, and the result is a comic series well-worth reading.” Erica, Project Nerd

There you have it! Thanks to everyone who’s taken a look at the books so far, please let your friends know where to find us!

And if you happen to write for a news site, or wish to do a review on your blog or elsewhere, you can hit me up on twitter @BrendanHykes, or e-mail me at, and I’ll be happy to send you review copies of the first two issues.

We’re still hard at work on issue three. Unfortunately it won’t be out until sometime in August, due to some personal issues on the team. But, we will have a preview coming out sometime this month to tide you over.

And you’ve probably noticed by now that the indiegogo campaign was not successful, which is a disappointment, but not necessarily the end of the line for us. We still plan to finish out the series, even if it takes a bit longer! So buy the issues if you haven’t already, and tell all your friends how much you like it!