Campaigners for FREE, Today Only!

Today only, you can pick up all three issues of Campaigners FREE of charge, on me. So please, please, please go vote and then reward yourselves with some free comics.

(It still has the price on them, but when you click on them the gumroad link will show them at $0.)

Please vote, and please keep in mind that if you can honestly say the outcome of this vote will not dramatically effect you, you are extremely privileged. There are people fro whom this election could be a literal life-or-death matter. LGBTQ, POC, poor and low-income, especially women.

And please don’t forget the down-ballot. Senator, representatives, and so-on. These people make so many of the decisions that will directly effect you and the people around you. Please don’t ignore that.

So go vote, and then enjoy some free comics! Thanks!


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